How do You Fix Sliding Door.

Let’s Start with a question of how do you fix a sliding door that keeps jumping off the track? A simple question yes, but the answer can vary depending on the type of door you are talking about. There are screen doors which are notorious for leaving the track and getting hung up. Then there is the glass sliding door for the patio. Finally, there is closet door that just does not want to cooperate with any one. So let’s take one type at a time and go through the various reasons they don’t stay put.

The screen doors pose a special problem because the biggest issue is getting a screen that is not as big as it could be for the frame they are to work on. If your door is far too small, then you may want to look at getting one that is closer to your frame opening that the one you have. Keep in mind that the size of the door can vary greatly than the advertised size so you really need to measure the prospective door to see what the actual size is. The height is the important dimension. Measure the distance from the bottom of the frame to the top and then subtract a quarter of an inch to allow for an adjustment range.

But before you go off and scour the hardware stores looking for the ideal door size, let’s see if you can make some adjustments to the existing door to make it work well. Looking at your door there should be two adjustment screws on top and two on bottom. These screws are designed to allow you to adjust for differences in door size and create a situation where the door is tight as it slides and reduces the opportunity to leave the lower track. Adjust them so that there is not a lot of up down moment in the door once it is set on the tracks. This is best done once the door is set on the track. Also make most of the adjustment on the upper section otherwise adjusting the lower screws can create a gap below the door that will make it easy for the bugs to enter you house by going under it. The top side has a large lip that can act like a barrier for entry.

Then there is the sliding glass door that runs just inside the screen door. While this door is much better in staying on track, mostly because of the weight of the door, it can also lose the track. But the bigger issue I have seen, is that they become very difficult to slide as if something was catching and preventing it from sliding. You will need help with this one as the common cause the door gets hard to slide is that build up below the door in the track is creating a large amount of friction or in extreme cases actually blocking the door form moving. You will need to remove the door, clean out the track and then the bottom edge of the door. You can then place a thin layer of oil to smooth out the slide on the bottom guide of the door and remount the door and it should work much better and slide smooth again if the door and track are not damaged.

Then there is that sliding door in your bedroom in your closet. It usually has a mirror that faces into the bedroom but not always. This was the one that got me going as when I moved into a new apartment and had two of these doors in my bedroom that just wasn’t staying on the track. Every time I tried to slide the door it would jump off the track and then it would not slide well or the two doors would crash into each other on one end of the rail or the other. The first thing you need to do is learn not to lift on the door as you grab it to slide it one way or the other. I for one tend to naturally lift slightly when I slide a door as if to try and make it slide easier. It does not really help, if it is properly adjusted then it doesn’t do a thing. For this door you need to first of all get the roller back in the groove so it will slide. Then you will see four plates one on each of the four corners of the door the top two have no adjustment, but the lower plates actually have two plates that are interconnected and have the ability to adjust the height of the door.

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