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Hello all and welcome to our Home Answers Blog. We are relaunching our blog to help you find ways to answers those questions that come up around the home and you just aren’t sure how you should go forward. I have come up against many questions over the years as to what is the best course of action is in a certain situation. I ended up spending a lot of time on the web trying to find the best answer to each of these questions and in many cases ended up more confused than when I started, so after one too many of these situations. I decided I can’t be the only one out here running into these situations so I decided I needed to share what I have found with those with questions.

So over the next few weeks I will be compiling answers I found on some of these questions and sharing them with you so hopefully you won’t end up in the same confused state that I found myself in. Of course I cannot hope to answer all of your questions by myself. So if you have a question that you have had to address and would like to share with the Blog community we all would appreciate your input. Please send me an email at admin@wiichipunlock.com. I will thank each of you in advance for your input and advice on how to move forward with this blog. At all times we welcome your comments and suggestions. Also if you have a question that you need an answer too then please reply to any post and let us know what the question is and we will look to see if we can find and answer for you.

We will approach each question with a desire to study it thoroughly. Then try to write it down in a manner that is easily read and understand. We will not post anything until we can achieve that level of quality in our answers for you. We will bring in local experts as needed to find the help to explain the needed answer. We don’t claim to know everything thing, but we have learned to find out answers to most question we have run into so far. If you want to try and stump us we reserve the right to work on the one that we can easily answer first, but either way we will let you know when to look for your answer.

So what types of questions will we approach in this Blog. The answer is simple and far reaching. We will discuss any question that a normal family might come up with around the house in your normal day to day life. We will talk about some car repair questions, as well as home repair and remodeling questions, that I have come up against. We will also address some food preparation questions and house cleaning questions. We will even talk about some pet questions that I have come up against. The simple answer is we will approach any question your household might come up against in a normal day. Sorry we won’t try to answer who shot JFK or what is really going on in area 51. I am totally clueless on even how to find these and similar questions so if that is the type of question you are looking for answers to, check out other source I can’t help.

I have tracked down local experts in the area of the question as needed to find the answers and make then as understandable as possible. I look forward to hearing from you as well in response to our answers and how helpful you find them. Definitely let me know if I get an answer wrong so we can look into getting it corrected and reposted.

Our goal is to give you the best answers we can find and write them in a way that makes it very easy to understand. With that in mind each question will be responded to in individual posts and may be of sufficient length to cover the topic in detail. Bear with us as some posts will take longer to create in the way we want to present it.

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